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Weather Station

Earth Networks/WeatherBug weather station

Mashpee Middle High School has an advanced Earth Networks/WeatherBug weather station on our roof, and it includes a cloud to ground lightning early warning system. The early warning system alerts people using our fields and school whenever cloud to ground lightning is within a 15 mile radius of our location. When activated by electron migration, the system sets off a loud 15-second horn blast audible from anywhere on our grounds followed by a bright strobe light. Once the lightning danger has passed, the horn will give 3 5-second blasts and the strobe will turn off. It's a great addition for the safety and security of the Mashpee community.

If you hear the loud long blast, please bring students inside ASAP - leave any conductive equipment on the fields, it will be there after the all clear is sent as a series of 3 - 5 second long horn blasts.