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Advanced Placement

Mashpee Middle-High School has a great selection of Advance Placement Courses (AP).  If you are interested in taking an AP classes talk with your counselor.  Many AP classes have prerequisites and need a teacher recommendation. All students are required to take the AP exam and Mashpee Middle-High School will cover the cost of AP exam.

How AP can make a difference

1. It will prepare you for college level course work

Success in an AP classes signals that you will most likely be successful at college.  The rigor of an AP class is comparable to most first year college courses.  You will be prepared for the workload and develop college-level academic skills. Having an AP course on  your transcript also looks good on their college applications.

2. It can boost your GPA

Because AP classes are more rigorous, they are weighted more than other courses.  So earning an “A” or “B” in an AP class will bring your student’s GPA up more than an “A” or “B” in a regular class would. 

3. It can potentially save you time and money in college

If your student chooses to take the AP exams for their AP classes, they could earn college credit. Depending on the course and the college, if a student earns a 4 or 5 on their test, it can count toward their college credits. That means you could reduce the total number of classes you need to take in college to earn your degree.  SO you could graduate early or lower your work load.  Not to mention saving on college tuition. Please note not all colleges award AP credit equally. Be sure to check how your university of choice deals with AP courses.

4. Could help you earn merit-based financial aid

As mentioned above, AP classes can help raise your GPA. So taking an AP class could get you closer to qualifying for financial aid awards, either from a university or private scholarship.