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At MMHS we offer hundreds of courses -- in the traditional academic disciplines and in our valued elective programs. There are courses at different levels including advanced placement programs. In addition, there are four alternative programs -- dual enrollment, career pathways, some with certification programs-- these enable us to address the needs of all of our students. 

The program of studies represents the menu of course and program offerings. Your responsibility is to choose the most appropriate and challenging program for you. I encourage you to read the catalog carefully and discuss it with your teachers, your counselor, and your parents—all to ensure that you make the best selections you can.

 Program of Studies


Course levels

 Advanced Placement Courses [AP]*

Art Portfolio, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature & Composition, Environmental, European History, Geography, Music Theory, Physics 1, Physics 2, Spanish, Statistics, U.S. History 

Honors Courses [H]

In order for students to be eligible to take honors courses they must obtain a 90 or better in the previous college prep course for that subject.  Students need to maintain at least an 80 average in the previous specific honors course in order to be considered for the next level honors course. 

College Prep [CP]

Open to all students who demonstrate the ability to complete work designed to prepare a student for entrance into a two or four year college program.  The MM/HS curriculum revision committee determined that in every subject area there is a set of power standards from the MA curriculum frameworks that all students are expected to master. 

Grading Scale:

A+ = 97 - 100 A = 93 - 96       A- = 90 - 92  
B+ = 87 - 89   B = 83 - 86  B- = 80 - 82  
C+ = 77 - 79     C = 73 - 76   C- = 70 - 72
D+ = 67 - 69  D = 63 - 66  D- = 60 - 62 

I = Incomplete          WP = withdrew passing    WF = withdrew failing

GPA and Class Rank:

The grades reported on the transcript are unweighted, based on a straight percentile. However, class rank and GPA are based on a weighted average. This weighted average is determined by the actual grade in the course plus points for levels of difficulty as noted:               

 A.P. / +9 points            Honors / +6 points            College Prep / +3 points   

*Course offerings may change based on student course enrollment

Honor Societies at MMHS

  • National Honor Society 
  • Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society 
  • National Junior Honor Society 
  • National Technical Honor Society 
  • National Art Honor Society
  • National History Honor Society National
  • National English Honor Society 

graduation requirements

Course Credits Req.
English 4
Math 4
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Foreign Lang. 2 (same language)
Unified Arts 2
Electives 3.5
Physical Ed 1
Health .5
Senior Sem. 1

         Total                    24 credits