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School Profile

Overlooking Great River Marsh

The Community

Located on Cape Cod, the Town of Mashpee is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Commonwealth.  Along with the Martha’s Vineyard Town of Aquinnah, it is also unique as one of the remaining homes of the Wampanoag Nation, the Native American tribe who met the Pilgrims at Plymouth. Although now outnumbered by new residents, the Wampanoag continue to play a significant role in defining the character of the community. With over five miles of sandy beaches on Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds, four of the largest freshwater ponds on Cape Cod and other visitor amenities such as the nationally recognized Mashpee Commons, Mashpee is considered a prime resort, seasonal home and retirement community.  Mashpee Middle/High School is a facility housing grades 7 - 12, with a current enrollment of 716 students. 

Graduation Requirements [24 Credits]      

English                     4 credits                                                                                     

Math                         4 credits                                                                                                         

Science                    3 credits                                                                 

Social Studies          3 credits                                                                               

Foreign Language    2 credit (2 years same language)                                                

Unified Arts              2 credit 

Electives                  3.5 credits                                          

Physical Ed.             1 credit                         

Health                      .5 credit

Senior Sem./STC      1 credit                               


Advanced Placement Courses [AP]

Art Portfolio, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature & Composition, Environmental, European History, Geography, Music Theory, Physics 1, Physics 2, Spanish, Statistics, U.S. History

Honors Courses [H]

In order for students to be eligible to take honors courses they must obtain a 90 or better in the previous college prep course for that subject.  Students need to maintain at least an 80 average in the previous specific honors course in order to be considered for the next level honors course. 

College Prep [CP]

Open to all students who demonstrate the ability to complete work designed to prepare a student for entrance into a two or four year college program.  The MM/HS curriculum revision committee determined that in every subject area there is a set of power standards from the MA curriculum frameworks that all students are expected to mater. 

Grading Scale:

A+ = 97 - 100          A = 93 - 96                A- = 90 - 92         

B+ = 87 - 89            B = 83 - 86                 B- = 80 - 82     

C+ = 77 - 79            C = 73 - 76                 C- = 70 - 72        

D+ = 67 - 69   D = 63 - 66     D- = 60 - 62  

I = Incomplete          WP = withdrew passing    WF = withdrew failing

GPA and Class Rank:

The grades reported on the transcript are unweighted, based on a straight percentile. However, class rank and GPA are based on a weighted average. This weighted average is determined by the actual grade in the course plus points for levels of difficulty as noted:               

 A.P. / +9 points            Honors / +6 points            College Prep / +3 points